Pregnant belly, great food, and a good time!!!

More and more often I understand when somebody says he/she doesn’t have the time to take pictures for him/herself…

From the last Monday I’ve been sitting here… in my pyjamas… barely eating, drinking a lot of coffee, and green tea, cooking only when I have to… when I really HAVE TO… . Did I cook yesterday!? Hmmm… What was I doing except editing my photos yesterday… Hm… nothing! I’m kind of tired… And I need a break… Our place is a mess… A MESS. And I’m hungry, and I need to go to the bathroom… but there are so many pictures…, and I’ve got an idea(s)!!! and…, and… and…!!!

I’m not complaining!!! I’m really enjoying it 🙂

And no… I didn’t forget that I have a child to feed, to read to, to bath with 🙂 (the funniest part),  and to change the diapers for. She stinks too much to not to notice her… 😉 She is a little stinker, honestly. She is a great companion, too. She went with me to photograph a mom-to-be, and this is what she was doing:

We had put her to work even, and she didn’t like the idea at first. She is a happy camper normally, so a few words of assuring her that she DOES NOT have to go back inside this big belly, and she was back herself… Happy Poppy Pants!

… and this is that belly which carries the twins…

Their life is about to make the 180 turn!!! and I am not jealous about it. I used to take care of twins… and I know… 😉

But beside our photo session our mom-to-be fed us with an amazingly delicious eastern european cuisine!

BARSZCZ (home-made)

NALEŚNIKI (home-made)

and something that’s very similar to PIEROGI, but much smaller, and with chicken filling. Good that I’m a pseudo-vegetarian! 😉



8 responses to “Pregnant belly, great food, and a good time!!!”

  1. What lovely pictures! The one of her crying is pretty cute, at least her mood changed! Wonderful photos to treasure forever. I wish I had had some done!



    1. Thank you, Megan. You know I wasn’t thinking about doing “pregnant photos” until my friend told me that she wold be more than happy to practice her skills on me 😉 We had spent 2 days playing with those pictures. It was fun, and worth it.


  2. Love the post, as always! I hear where you’re coming about editing photos…there’s never enough hours in the day, the house is always a mess and I can’t figure out why…yet, here I sit…looking through the 287 photos I took today of birds. Yes, birds. A flock of cedar waxwings that show up once a year…and again…nothing is getting done!


    1. Thank you, Arline!
      I just saw your pictures of the birds!!! They are awesome!!! You should send them them somewhere… Wow. The details on each of them… goshh… I’m really amazed! and I made me want to sit on my patio tomorrow all day long and “hunt” for some birds!!! 😉


  3. Awww, so precious! And your friend’s belly is HUGE! I was thinking she must be ready to deliver when I saw. Very cute. All belly.

    Your lunch looked delicious! I love uczki. We always have them with Barszcz, as well. And Nalesniki are a personal weakness of mine. I wish someone would make me such a lunch. When I want it, I have to make it myself and sometimes you just want to not cook and take a break.

    I understand the whole not-enough-time-in-the-day thing. I only have time for computer, etc. when baby is nursing or falling asleep for nap (she will only sleep for 20 minutes if not on me, which makes for a MISERABLE day). Sigh…


    1. My friend is expecting twins 🙂 And last time when I saw her she was getting ready for c-section because one of the twins was head down. Today I got an email the she turned, and they will try natural birth 🙂 Very good news!
      And I know what you mean by saying that you wish somebody to cook it for you. I feel the same.
      I didn’t expect her to “ugościć” us like that 🙂 That was very european. I got from her a recipe for white cheese. Gonna try it too 🙂
      You should start “forcing” you kid to sleep on herown more often. I remember when I was working taking care of twins they didn’t want to be left alone in bed, too. We (I mean parents, and me) tried to ignore their crying for 10 to 15 minutes everytime we put them to bed for a week, and after that they started to getting use to it… and after the week was gone they were sleeping in beds.


  4. Nice photos! 😀 New follower of yours from Bloggy Moms.


    1. thank you for stopping by 🙂 I’ll follow you, too!


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