Catching up with my pictures…

Our daughter very first ride in the shopping card without the car sit…

She was loving it. Me too 🙂

The next very first time (since very long time ago) I had shrimp for dinner. A LOT of them!!! And I was paying for it for the next two days with a huge stomach ache.

Jumbo Coconut Shrimp

I’m not a big eater anyway… When we were dating my husband used to make fun of me that I’m the cheapest girlfriend ever. In a restaurant I would eat his french fries and maybe a small salad. Sometimes I like to treat myself with my favorite food. However, there’s a big difference between treating yourself and treating yourself BADLY.

Chocolate Wave Cake

I don’t remember a day when I was THAT FULL! And I don’t remember when we were leaving a restaurant that fast. Our daughter made terrible mess under her sit and the table. Belive me – it wasn’t just a mess it was A  M!!!E!!!S!!!S!!!

Now I know how my kitchen’s floor would’ve looked like every time our daughter eats if we didn’t have our dog… our very private vacuum cleaner…. 😉

6 thoughts on “Catching up with my pictures…

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  1. Awww! How darling! Ale dumna wiglonda! She knows it was a big deal in that cart… So cute. I can’t get over how much like my younger daughter she looks. Those Polish eyes, I think.

    I love shrimp. Thankfully, they don’t upset my stomach. My mother is a small eater like you. I always think I am a big eater (although jestem szcztupla) until I get around my also thin cousins who think I eat like a bird… lol My husband’s grandmother used to love to go out with me because I “could definitely eat” & I think it shocks people that I am thin but can actually clean my plate.

    I love how your daughter is looking at the ice cream like that. So darling. I love going out alone with the kids to eat. They get so excited! Just like your girl…


    1. Dumna, dumna!!! I jaka zadowolona, że w końcu mogła sama! Ona ostatnio strasznie samodzielna chce byc… Ze wszystkim tak ma, a w szczegolnosci z jedzeniem, nie za bardzo chce abym ją karmiła… za to sama chce jeść… 🙂 And yes, she can eat!!! Moja mała rośnie na małego potworka… Jak odkurzacz, wszystko w siebie chce wciskać. Aż się boję, żeby mi mały grubasek nie wyrósł z niej!!!

      Co do polskich oczu, to jak przyjechałam do US to wszyscy byli zdziwieni kiedy mówiłam, że jestem z Polski. Ogólnie Amerykanie mają takie wyobrażenie o Polkach, że to blondynki z niebieskimi oczami… 🙂



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