Catching up with my pictures…

Our daughter very first ride in the shopping card without the car sit…

She was loving it. Me too 🙂

The next very first time (since very long time ago) I had shrimp for dinner. A LOT of them!!! And I was paying for it for the next two days with a huge stomach ache.

Jumbo Coconut Shrimp

I’m not a big eater anyway… When we were dating my husband used to make fun of me that I’m the cheapest girlfriend ever. In a restaurant I would eat his french fries and maybe a small salad. Sometimes I like to treat myself with my favorite food. However, there’s a big difference between treating yourself and treating yourself BADLY.

Chocolate Wave Cake

I don’t remember a day when I was THAT FULL! And I don’t remember when we were leaving a restaurant that fast. Our daughter made terrible mess under her sit and the table. Belive me – it wasn’t just a mess it was A  M!!!E!!!S!!!S!!!

Now I know how my kitchen’s floor would’ve looked like every time our daughter eats if we didn’t have our dog… our very private vacuum cleaner…. 😉

6 responses to “Catching up with my pictures…”

  1. Awww! How darling! Ale dumna wiglonda! She knows it was a big deal in that cart… So cute. I can’t get over how much like my younger daughter she looks. Those Polish eyes, I think.

    I love shrimp. Thankfully, they don’t upset my stomach. My mother is a small eater like you. I always think I am a big eater (although jestem szcztupla) until I get around my also thin cousins who think I eat like a bird… lol My husband’s grandmother used to love to go out with me because I “could definitely eat” & I think it shocks people that I am thin but can actually clean my plate.

    I love how your daughter is looking at the ice cream like that. So darling. I love going out alone with the kids to eat. They get so excited! Just like your girl…


    1. Dumna, dumna!!! I jaka zadowolona, że w końcu mogła sama! Ona ostatnio strasznie samodzielna chce byc… Ze wszystkim tak ma, a w szczegolnosci z jedzeniem, nie za bardzo chce abym ją karmiła… za to sama chce jeść… 🙂 And yes, she can eat!!! Moja mała rośnie na małego potworka… Jak odkurzacz, wszystko w siebie chce wciskać. Aż się boję, żeby mi mały grubasek nie wyrósł z niej!!!

      Co do polskich oczu, to jak przyjechałam do US to wszyscy byli zdziwieni kiedy mówiłam, że jestem z Polski. Ogólnie Amerykanie mają takie wyobrażenie o Polkach, że to blondynki z niebieskimi oczami… 🙂



  2. Oh my gosh she looks so happy and proud! Love the smile:)


  3. That first picture is SO sweet! Her little grin is priceless. Thanks again, Ewa for linking up!


    1. thanks Courtney! She loved that ride! She was so proud to sit there! 🙂
      btw,I enjoy your blog… a lot ! hugs


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