Mom’s head hurts SO BAD!!!

Can’t stand it anymore!
It’s been more than 2 months of suffering from plugged ducts. It comes and goes, and it seems like it’s been forever. Can’t remember a day without some kind of pain. It has to be in this world something that could help me to stop it without cutting my breasts off. Seriously! It’s that bad!!! I’ve been crying like crazy for the last few days… Couldn’t help myself. In addition a terrible headache came along!

Yesterday I slept whenever I got the chance. It didn’t help with my headache. With anything…
I couldn’t sleep at night, so today I don’t remember when and how I got up when my daughter woke up. I remember that she didn’t want to eat anything I’d been trying to feed her. Whatever I would fix she simply refused… and she cried, and cried, and cried. I’m sorry to say that, but I had enough.
J. woke up, saw me strugling with her, said that he will take care of her so I can go back to bed, and after that… hm… he went to take a 20 minutes long shower. After the shower he didn’t remember what he said 20 minutes ago. It didn’t matter anyway because me and her were ready for a nap… I’m bitching here, I know… but that’s how I feel right now!!!

Sometimes I wish guys would think a little bit different… I don’t know, more like… hm.. women… maybe… 😉

My head was killing me (still is). I got up took some pain killers and tried to fall asleep again. It did happen very quickly.
The afternoon we’d spent playing, feeding ourselfs, and just being lazy. My headache didn’t go away. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. So I treated it with frozen veggies!!!

When Little Turtle was born I got a great gift from Joanna. Warm, soft, and very cozy. Today’s freaking cold. Inside, outside. Everywhere.
Little Turtle (not so little anymore), as usually on the floor looking for some cables or newspapares so she could get into them…

Iron Chef on TV:
Michael Symon and Anne Burrell
Cat Cora and Robert Irvine

I was trying to be as lazy as it’s possible… just to avoid any movement… remember… everything hurts me really bad!!!
Actually I’m getting more and more depressed… and frustrated with everything and everyone… not many things and people around to be frustrated with, though.
Oh, how I’m longing for a day when I would sleep a night through, get up at 10am and see everybody fed, playing and happy, or just simply not here… Day without annoying sound of PlaySatation3, and withouth having to ask over and over and over again: “Please, turn it down.” Day that I would spent in bed with my book, drinking HOT green tea or coffee.

Right now whatever I make by the time I get the chance to drink it it’s freaking cold.

I feel like a shadow of myslef… and it’s not a nice feeling.
Oh… MOTHERHOOD!!! How sweet that sounds, NOT!
Ok, Time to stop this before I go too far!!!

4 responses to “Mom’s head hurts SO BAD!!!”

  1. Oh, Ewa!

    Feel better, sweetie. As for men and the way they’re programmed…if you ever figure out how to rewire them, you’ll be rich. There isn’t a girl out there who won’t buy that software!

    love ya,


    1. Thank you, Arline!
      You know, there isn’t a guy who won’ buy a software to rewire a girl 😉 I bet!
      We all are stuck on the same page sometimes.
      Hugs from my corner!


  2. Sorry to hear that! I tell my husband that as well very often. It will start to get better. Sometimes, they need to see you cry and suffering before it dawns on them that they need to help you too.
    Have you tried drinking chamomile tea and putting a cooled chamomile tea bag on the area where your duct is clogged? That can help with inflammation as well as constantly massaging it, applying a heated pad on and off, ibuprofen, and eventually submitting to antibiotics. I’ve had that with each baby. With the second, 3 times, but I was also overtired, which causes it.
    I won’t say what men would rewire a girl to do, frankly, :/ but I will say that it will get better. My husband does take the older child to the store and other places in the morning sometimes to help. It’s not very often but he does.


    1. No, I have not tried the chamomile tea. I’ll try it the next time. Hopefuly it won’t have to tried that 😉
      … you know I feel that sometimes my husband would want to rewire me… truly!
      … and I’m not saying he doesn’t help, but when he does it’s always after I asked him to do so…
      oh man, they are different species 😉


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