Garlock – the town of a few ruins

Everytime we would pass by this place I thought how cool it would be to stop, walk around and take some pictures. Almost all the time we hadn’t have much time to do so.

Coming back from Christmas at Jay’s parents he offered to stop. I was surprised he did that. Don’t know why. Maybe I got used to the thought that we will never stop here, and it’s gonna be one of those places that later on I’d think: “god damn it! I should’ve said something, and we should’ve stoped there” but it’s too late and almost forgotten.

we stoped in the middle of nowhere, actually !!!

And there it is Garlock, California Registered Historical Landmark No. 671
“In 1896 Eugene Garlock constructed a stamp mill near this spot for the crushing of gold ore from the yellow aster mine on rand mountain. Known originally as cow wells by prospectors and freighters during the 1880’s and early 1890’s, the Town of Garlock continued to thrive until water was piped from here to Randsburg in 1898, and the Kramer-Randsburg rail line was completed in the same year”

Most of my pictures are photos of this one place. It was really cool – inside and outside.

Quick pick at the rest of the ruins around and we were ready to leave. I mean, I would’ve stayed there much longer, but I didn’t want to overstep Jay’s patience. I know that left alone he is as content playing with “almighty Droid” as I am taking my pictures! 😉 but sometimes too much is too much 🙂 (never too much time for talking pictures, though)

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