Christmas Tree no 1

This year we’ve managed to insert a small size tree to our tiny apartment.
It’s really nice to have our own christmas tree. We didn’t do it last year, and Jay wasn’t so happy about doing it thise year.
But he loves me, and I WANTED christmas tree… Simply life 😉

The christmas tree tradition was present in my home since I was born. It’s not about the gifts, although it’s nice to get a few ;). It’s not about Little Jesus either.

Christmas tree gives me the feeling of warmth and comfort while it’s snow, frost, cold and darkness outside. At least that was the case back in Poland.
Since I moved to California I’ve got the feeling that something is not right with that picture.
The christmas tree, not even a flake of snow, temperature always above the freezing, beautiful colors of Fall everywhere…
I feel confused… :/
But without the tree I’m even more confused…, and kind of empty.

In Poland we always set up the tree sometime around December 21st (this tradition is more likely stolen from pagan’s Yule), and we keep it until February 2nd.
Imagin my astonishment when I came to US, and I saw people decorating their trees as early as the first or second week in October, and taking it down right after Christmas Eve… (this tradition is more than likely just a commercialism of Christmas, and consumerism!!!)

Anyway, a few pictures from my tree. Who cares if the idea is stolen, and from who.
We won’t get crazy over shopping for gifts. We won’t be saying prayers to the Little Jesus and Virgin Mary…
We’ll spent most of our time with this tree trying to protect if from E. 😉
That’s it. Sounds like fun. Doesn’t it.

2 responses to “Christmas Tree no 1”

  1. Such a beautiful little tree. I get what you’re saying. I love the warmth and comfy cozy feeling a tree gives.
    Also, when I lived in CA it never felt like Christmas to me. Christmas was cold, and snow and being all bundled up. Not yelling at the kids to get out of the pool and come eat dinner. lol


    1. Hi Arline! I finally put some lights on it yesterday, so today I’m gonna take some pictures of the entire tree. Yey!!!
      I’m so happy we got it. It feels somehow warmer. I’m not talking about the weather, but me… inside… it feels nice inside 🙂


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