My new models…, and the old ones…

I love photography, as if some of you didn’t know yet.
I love kids. How to not to love them. But there was a time when I thought I’ll be better withouth them. As a teenager I hated kids. ReAlLy!!! I think every normal developing teenager go through that stage in his/her life. Am I wrong… ? Only some of us has the unconditional love towards the kids from the day we were born… 😉 Most of us needs to find this love sometime during our life. A few just can’t find it, and they don’t really care about looking for it. That’s ok too. This world don’t need more people that it already has.
But why am I talking about it?
Because I’ve decided to connect these two things.
Kids, and photography 🙂

Last Monday I spent a few hours with Miles and Ellin.
I’m so happy I had the opportunity to work with such a cute boy, and a very beautiful mom.

… but still, I couldn’t resist :

… while dad was babysitting for me I was all about Miles… How could I not be?

There is so many things that I had never cared about while photographing Ewelina. “Working” with your own kid is like baking for yourself or your loved one. If it doesn’t taste good I can alwasy throw it away, and start everything from the beginnig, or my loved one will eat it saying that it was ok, but… don’t do it anymore, please.
Not a big deal. Right?

It’s totally different when you have 2 hours to take pictures for somebody else. Than you go home, just to discover that half of your pictures are… hm… not quite good. There is no baking again, there will be no eating it because somebody loves you… 😉 Oh Heavens!!!
Lucky me it wasn’t that bad…
but still…

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