Thanksgiving Story of 2010

I hate going groceryshoping on holiday’s day. Especialy I hate going to the store on Christmas Eve, or even the day after…
In Poland we always make sure that we buy everything before. At least it used to be that way in my family and in my friends families when I was growing up. Right now I have no idea how people shop in Poland. I bet there is not much difference between “here and there”. Too bad.

From what I remember we have those little local stores that if you need a little bit of something you can put your shoose on and without the jacket (in the winter time) go out and get it. Not all of them are open on holidays, it depends on the owner. Could you immagine that I remember days when stores where closed on Sunday. Everywhere in Poland. Every store!!! Ah Old Good Days. In days when we can get almost everything almost immediately after we think about it I really cherish those memories from my childhood.

It’s a little bit different right now… Big stores, and the grocery markets spring up like mushrooms in Poland, people get more lazy, they have more money, and more choices to spent their money on…

People don’t pay attention to want they really want to buy before tha holidays, because they know that they will be able to get everyting in last hour.
We buy much more than we actually need, but we still forget a few things, so we can go to the store on the holiday day and buy even more unnecessary stuff. Ridiculous.

I understand if somebody forgets one thing, ok, two things, but going to the store on the Thanksgiving day for the main grocery shopping?!!?

This year I joined to the crazy mob of shoppoholics, and forgetfulness…
thanks to Jay’s phone I could be more journalistic… 🙂
No need of taking out my big ass camera and making people scared or angry. It was Thanksgiving after all, right!!! 😉

We forgot a few things and his parents wanted to get something too. But don’t count on me for going to the store on the Christmas Eve or the day after… America is Crazy!!!

It’s really not my cup of tea… Even if this one is (was):

The next thing I want to talk about is a COLD Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Actually it’s a long story. But I’ll make it short. I got scared of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 7 people for the first time in my life. I knew my back will be killing me after all, too. So I finally said NO to this idea. I felt a little bit bad about that, but… I’ve never rosted a turkey in my entire life, I’ve never made any of these traditional dishes… actually I can make delicious cranberry sauce… That’s it.
So, it was just SAFE to go to the restaurant.

In the restaurant I ordered a soup, and sweet potatoes french fries. I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving dishes… oh… and I’m not a big fan of people asking me if we have Thanksgiving in Poland!!! (no comment)

I was very hungry so I didn’t take a picture of the soup. Right now I regret because it was the best food I got in there. The best because it was the only WARM
thing they served to me… not counting the water for the tea…

Those dishes were rising in front of me and nobody cared to take them. With the cold broccoli on top!!! Like a deliciouse dessert with a sweet cherry on top, this view was totally opposite of that. Grr…
Sometimes I regret that I’m so kind to people and I can’t be very nasty. But in that restaurant I was boiling from the inside. Metaphorically and in reality (when we got home I had 101,1 F temerature).

Everything was screaming for:

I asked Jay if his Thankgiving dinner was cold, and he said YES. But he was SO hungry that it didn’t matter. He said it was delicious. Maybe this is a good way to feed him from now on. To starve him first. After that he’ll eat anything without being so picky 🙂

At least I had very good tea! I wish they asked me for more hot water before we left…

4 responses to “Thanksgiving Story of 2010”

  1. Ewa,

    What a wonderful story!! (I THINK)
    You had me giggling all the way through.

    Especially about Thanksgiving in Poland? Amazing that the sort of people who ask those questions are allowed to breed! hahahaha

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, my Polish friend!!
    I’m with you….American shoppers are CRAZY

    love ya,


    1. thank you, Arline!!!
      I swear to God, Arline, it wasn’t the the first time, and it wasn’t the last time… people asked me, and will be asking about Thanksgiving in Poland… It makes me giggle too. Every time! 🙂

      Hugs back!!!


  2. Ewa,
    Thank you for making me chuckle as I was living through the hectic moments of Thanksgiving Day . At times, I always believed I was the only one going through it. Now I look back at part of our meal being more chilly than hot as you prepare the rest of the food. I really don’t know how you get everything on the table piping hot. My family always says its I am thankful.
    I also remember when stores were closed on Sundays and Holidays.. Happy Thanksgiving



    1. Cindy, I know what you mean!
      I remember on the Christmas Eve in my house there were always me, my mom and my sister heating stuff up, and trying to put everything on the table while still hot, or at least warm… 🙂
      It’s always the busiest 30 minutes from the entire evening 🙂 but we were able to menage it somehow… maybe because we were very good team (in the kitchen, I mean) 😉

      Happy AfterThanskgiving to you too, Cindy!!!


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