5 months later…

I hope you understand what fear is before you have to feel it.
I hope my neurosis don’t rub off on you.
I hope you always have enough to eat.
I hope you’re never bullied and I hope you never bully others.
I hope you find love.

I hope you don’t die before your time.
I hope you don’t blame yourself for things that are not your fault.
I hope you’re always playing your tape and I hope you’ll visit me when I’m old.
I hope you are true to yourself.
I hope that rejection doesn’t stop you loving.
I hope you never experience war.

What are you come to teach me?
Well, would you want ‘Philosophy’ or ‘The New Wayne Rooney’ ?
Will it be poetry that lights your eyes?
Mine are shining and my tears flow free…
Oh my child, what have I done?

Brought perfection to this world of confusion heedlessly…
Now you’re the one feeding me,
Because I never knew love like this, endlessly reaching back through eternity that I can clearly see in your face when you smile at me and grab my finger.

I hope you outlive your parents.
I hope you never bury your children.
I hope we enjoy every minute of you growing up.
I hope you lead your world to victory.

“I hope” Faithless

2 thoughts on “5 months later…

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    1. Thank you, Arline! She was laughing so much yesterday I couldn’t not to take some pictures of her… The box that sits on front of her was her play object or I should’ve said “to eat” object… and she was so happy playing with it… no toys are needed for her… 🙂 such a precious baby she is!
      and these lyrics are in my head since she was born… Love that song!


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