Reflections – there I come…

… bored on the way to Ridgecrest
… and on the way back…

I get the feeling that on these two pictures below too much is going on…
Looking at them I feel schizophrenic…, and I like this feeling 😉
I didn’t have any idea of what I was shooting, and what should be in focus, and what not.

Right now I can tell that they are the perfect reflections of my mind, and of what I feel and how I feel. What I think, and how I think.

There is past (what’s behing me), like the cars fallowing us all the time (sometimes huge trucks, sometimes Smart Cars). Always something. Never alone. Unforgettable.
There are things that passing me by. I see ’em, and don’t really want to collide, or have anything to do with them. sometimes I wish I was there (in the other car, in the other place, somewhere) instead of here…
I see myself, blurred. Almost always hidden behind stuff.

Everybody is going somewhere… Everybod is coming back from somewhere.
I don’t even want to look ahead at the windshield. It’s always dirty!!!

3 responses to “Reflections – there I come…”

  1. Nice photos, Ewa. I like the first one with the balls of light falling through the center of the photo. Even the last two….busy…but there’s so much to look at and if you didn’t do it on purpose, you’d never know…I love the way it all looks.
    Hope you’re home safe and sound now.


    1. Yeah, I like the first one too. It’s my favorite.
      I would’ve taken more, but I got a car sick, and I had to stop… booo!


  2. Well, make that three. I like the first one most as well ;)))


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