I don’t Tweet I don’t Facebook ;-)

Reading San Jose Mercury News Sunday edition I came across funny comic.

A week ago I disabled my facebook account, and I feel GREAT!!!

It’s funny though how every day I find myself thinking about facebook statuses. Like for example, I had a dream last night about Eiffel Tower. Just an hour ago I saw in the news that the Towel is closed because a bomb alert…
Immediately after that I started to think about how my facabook would’ve looked like right now…

(btw, am I becoming a psychic?!?! or what!?! 😉 )

… and it’s not the only moment I thought about facebook status. It’s been happening like that since I deactivated the account. It’s really weird how my brain works

My days going by UNDOCUMENTED… Isn’t that strange?

Don’t be shy and let me know what’s hiding in your head!

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