Morning Joe

From the days when:
– days were too long,
– nights too short,
– and mornings used to come too early.

With Joe, Mika (Morning Joe) and Willie (from Way too early) it was more bearable to wait until the sun would rise…. Time to start a day…, or to go to sleep for an hour or two…

Today those days (or I should’ve said “mornings”) are only a nice flash-back… I miss them sometimes. Even if I was tired and barely awake it was very peaceful at 4 am, sometimes at 3am. I am not an early bird, but when I have to be… I don’t mind… Really. I even like it!

Today Ewelina sleeps all night. She gives us 9 hours of an uniterrupted sleep… and I do not mind it either 😉
Morning Joe is Way too early these days, but it’s nice to take a walk down memory line… Isn’t it.

Yep, I drink my coffee in a soup bowl… sometimes…

Yep, if you drink turkish coffee you will laugh at me… oh well… I do not have the time to do it the proper way, nor the equipment…

Don’t be shy and let me know what’s hiding in your head!

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