A little bit of nudity and lots of coffee…

or maybe a little bit of coffee and lots of nudity…
or a little bit of both…
or lots of both…

… and a little bit of olive oil and sugar 🙂

For sure there will be no pets, babies, flowers or hummingbirds today, and just a few things from my kitchen…


4 responses to “A little bit of nudity and lots of coffee…”

  1. Were you rolling around in coffee beans trying to grind your own ????? hehehehehe

    FUN! I like it!


    1. you were close, Arline 🙂
      making my own body scrub 🙂 after morning coffee there is a morning messy shower 🙂 Jay thinks I’m crazy, and says that our bathroom smells like Starbucks.lol


  2. Interesting photographs. But two of my favorite subjects – coffee and nudity.


    1. Thx 🙂
      And only one of my husbands’ favorite….
      …and one of mine…
      there is nothing better like to complete each other 😉


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