Going Maple

A few months ago we got our first japanese maple tree. It looks like a small plant with coupld of leafes.

    About month ago we added one more maple to our tree set.

We both fell in love in those trees. They are so fragile, but in the same time they can grow really big. They’ve got so pretty colors.

Japanese Maple Tree
Japanese Red Maple Tree
Maple tree red leaf
Maple tree green leaf
Maple tree red leafe
    On this picture below you can see the maple, but I took it mostly because I love this house. I really like the character of it… If I was a millionaire I would buy it without a question ๐Ÿ™‚
maple in the left bottom corner
    More maples!!!
3 maples
    If you can’t see any maples on this one (the last picture) you see correctly – there isn’t any ๐Ÿ™‚
    This one has got roses instead!!! Pretty Roses all over the home. Isn’t it beautiful.
House of Roses

2 responses to “Going Maple”

  1. Ewa,
    I really like Maple trees….here in Connecticut we have some black maples that are striking also. Excellant pictures…


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