Visiting Folsom

Folsom on Saturday was awesomely beautiful, colorful, and warm…

    Four of us, walking.

After we’d arrived to Joanna’s place she took us for a great walk

    Historic District of Folsom sign

$ 5 fine for driving overthis bridge faster than w walk. $25 Fine for driving more than 20 head of horses, 50 head of cattle or 200 sheep, hogs or goats over this bridge at one time

    Historic Bridge

Di REALLY enjoyed this walk

    Di and Joanna’s back

Spring has sprung in Folsom, that’s for sure!

    Flora of Folsom
Flora of Folsom
    When I saw this I thought it’s interesting… The day before one of my friend asked me for a picture of HOPE – I found it in Folsom.

3 responses to “Visiting Folsom”

  1. Great shots as always. I especially like the one of di (an joanna)
    Beautiful, Ewa!


    1. Thank you Arline. We had a really good time with Joanna! 🙂


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