It’s not the camera… it’s the Photographer…


    One week ago my camera was stolen, together with some of my “Pictures of the day” that I hadn’t downloaded to my computer…, with 3 lenses, with the USB Card Reader, and 16 GB Memory Card…, and more…

I’d thought, oh well maybe I should change my hobby. After that an enormous headache has appeared in my quiet everyday-life. I feel miserable, and exausted, and I want it to stop! But the wishful thinking doesn’t work in this case, nor Tylenol.

    Today I tooke advantage of a beautiful sunny day, couple of hours without the headache, and Jay’s old pocked camera 🙂
    Camera is a camera, right… No matter what brand, and how old… If it takes pictures I can use it, for now
03/20/10 – lazy doggy on my lap

7 responses to “It’s not the camera… it’s the Photographer…”

  1. Its so sad that this happened and even though I’ve been a cop for the last twelve years I’ve been a victim of theft also. I know the feeling very well. Keep your chin up and know that if the police don’t get the crook, karma will in the end.


  2. Karma is a wonderful thing! What goes around comes around.
    Love this photo of Di. While this whole situation SUCKS, I hope finding time to just sit and “be” has given you some peace.
    love from my corner, Ewa.



  3. Ewa, when I saw your doggie’s face, it brought forward the reminder, our animals are the mirrors of our emotions….


  4. Ewa,
    Emily Dickinson powiedział: “Moi przyjaciele są moim nieruchomości.” Uważam, że można część mojej nieruchomości.

    My offer still stands, just say the word and I will ship the camera right to you. Chin up my friend….oh by the way, the picture in this post is amazing…


  5. Thank you so much for your words. They mean a lot to me!


  6. So true my Friend. It’s not the camera…
    Things will get better…


    1. thank you, Sam. I belive that thinks will get better… 🙂 I really do !


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