The Moon

I missed full moon yesterday! Very bright “wolf moon”. The brighest and biggest full moon of 2010. I was really sad that I did miss it. I mean I saw it when I took the doggy out for a walk, but after the walk when I was back and ready to take ma camera out, and shot some pictres the moon was gone, hidden behinde the cloudes.

    So, trying to make myself feel better I took some pictures today.

    Night photography
Moon after full moon 🙂

4 responses to “The Moon”

  1. You’ve made me feel better! We’ve had clouds obscuring the moon for 2 nights. Snow clouds. I wanted to capture the moon as well…I don’t have a very good lens…just what came with the camera…but I would have felt better knowing I had tried.

    This is a great shot, thanks for sharing.


    1. lol…. it’s nice when trying to make myself better I made someone else feel better too 🙂
      I took those pictures with my 55-200mm lens, and after that I processed them in GIMP a litte bit.
      Thank you for the comment. Have a great day!


  2. I love all three. Each is so very different from the other. BEAUTIFUL, EWA!
    I love how colorful the middle one is and the clouds actually make it look like the moon is moving across the sky. Makes me want to chase it!


    1. The moon was incredible yesteday. I really enjoyed taking those pictures. The one in the middle was taken with long exposure, that’s why is so bright, and colorful. Too bad I didn’t have my 55-300mm lens with me.


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