Intro to the “Christmas on the Road”

This year [or I should’ve said last year ;-)] I’d had my third Christmas in USA. All of them have been completely different. For 25 years of my life Christmas time used to be the same. The same people, the same food, the same customs, etc…

    The older I’d gotten the less I’d liked Christmas at home. Don’t ask me why… Just didn’t feel the “Christmas aura”. The older I’d gotten the less I’d felt the excitment of the cooking, cleaning, and shopping. My mom had put me and my siblings to a hard work. The younger I was the less I had to do 🙂 In my home, every year two weeks before Christmas Eve the cooking is started, the cleaning after that… and never-ending shopping… :-/ Today I’m thankful for what I’ve learned during that time…

Christmas of 2007 I’d spent in Cottonwood, California. First Christmas without my family, without my Polish food, and without that “Christmas aura”… I knew I should’ve appreciated it more back then in Poland. Far away from all what I’d known I’d learned a tough lesson.

    Christmas of 2008. Boston. 90 % recovered from my accident…

    … without the brace that you can see on the picture above, with people I’d treated as my family, prepared more for new experience, but still longing for Polish food 😉

2009… hm… crazy year! Many things has changed in my life. Enriched with the husband, and baby-to-be I’d spent my Christmas Eve in Ridgecrest, CA, but before we left Fresno I’d had online Christmas Eve with my family in Poland (at 9 am Pacific time).
My niece and nephew were there… We’d talk for a while

    Zuzanna and Piotr

After that we hit the road to spend very lazy day in Ridgecrest. On Saturday morning we hit the road again. It was time to go back, where home is.

Di, always with us
    Di, our dog went with us. We try to take her everywhere.

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